My life has been a remarkable journey. At first it was a journey in learning more about the world, what makes us tick, what makes us happy, and what needs to be fixed. I was totally focused on the big picture: social change, politics, justice for all, and equality. All good things.


And, then 15 years ago my life changed. Three little kids. Divorce. Can we survive?


I still focused on the big picture, but I was also forced to pay more attention to me, and what was going to make my life work. I had to attend a bit more to my world. What made me tick? What made me happy? What needed to be fixed?


I learned that I’m many things—all at the same time. I’m a helper and a healer. A compassionate woman with a big, intuitive heart. And, a funny human being who simply loves other human beings.


I also learned I needed help. How could I manage all I was doing and still have the time and space to connect with my kids on a heart-to-heart level? How we could work together as a team to make our single-mom, three kids household work? And thrive. And be fun.


Turns out, I had “issues”. Things kept cropping up over and over again that kept getting in the way. These “issues” were blocking my balanced self, the Betsy that felt happy, enthusiastic, and joyful. Most importantly, I had this lingering sense that there was more out there for me, but I had no idea what that ‘more’ was.


And then, there was the ferry ride. I re-introduced myself to someone who I had previously met on the beach. I asked her if she was still a nurse. She said, “No, I am a soul reader.”  I was surprised.  A what? Without explaining she said, “Well, I think I have information for you and that is why you came to talk to me. Are you interested in hearing it?” Sure! Of course I would.  Believe me, I was looking for any information I could find.


And, in ten minutes on that ferry she “downloaded” more helpful information than I had received in 17 years of therapy. She opened a door to a way of seeing, understanding and showing up in the world that I had never even heard of before.

After a few years of our working relationship she said, “You have a gift, you know?” I disagreed. “Yes,” she smiled. “You do and you should start playing with it and see what happens.”


I knew that I’ve always been empathetic and compassionate, the kind of person that people come and talk to when something is going on and they need a shoulder, a sympathetic ear, a warm hug.  And usually, I have a sense of what is going on with people before they even say a word.   So I went with it.  I wanted tools. I needed tools. I learned about energy in our bodies and the chakra system. I learned how to read it, and help shift and clear it using a pendulum, polarity, reiki and essential oils.


I saw the power of these tools and I wanted to learn more. I went back to school for two years and got a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology. Within the program, we used our own lives and the work of healing ourselves as the “curriculum” to learn a wide variety of tools that could be utilized to help others on their journeys, to understand and work with their own “curriculum.”


Along the way I’ve learned about “tapping” and laughing yoga. I’ve come to the awareness that I can receive messages from loved ones who have passed, and from angels and spirit guides.  And I want to share it.  With you.  With everyone.


As I am learning more, there is a part of me that is still in disbelief.  Me? Really? I am doing this? Do I believe this? And, turns out I do … more each day.


There is science to all the things I intuitively feel. The study of quantum physics is “proving” the energetic connection we all have. I have a little “electric ball”  I use in my classes that lights up when our energy is connected. It’s simple. It’s just science. Doctors and scientists are proving the connection between mind and body and its impact on our health. Turns out we can all heal ourselves with our attitude—each one of us has the ability.


The healing power of laughter and joy is not just in our attitude, it shows up in our cells and our muscles and our organs.

And, when we are open to it and allow it – the Universe – no matter what you call it: energy, infinite intelligence, things greater than we are, God, angels, is always on call ready to help us with “coincidences” we can’t believe, the right person at the right time coming into our lives, a “sign” or message that all of a sudden appears and inspires or encourages us on our path. I see it every day. The people I work with, who have invited me to help them with their journeys, experience changes, big shifts, sometimes even miracles. I am so grateful to have the honor of watching it happen. By combining learned tools and skills with my natural love and intuition, I facilitate a process of healing. My goal is to help you with your journey. My goal is to heal, help, and have fun. This journey is amazing. CREDENTIALS BA – Colgate University Masters In Spiritual Psychology – University of Santa Monica Principal and owner – Moose Ridge Associates – (legislative Advocacy Firm) Reiki Certified, Level II Facilitator Certification Numerous Awards and Honors I live in Hallowell, Maine with three amazing teenaged daughters and our wonderful Schnoodle pup, Bentley.