"Betsy is a GIFT!  I attend all her classes, I read books she suggests, I use the tools she teaches, I book one-on-one appointments.  Being with her and learning from her – it has impacted my life so positively, it’s hard to put into words!”

- K.F.


"I learned tools that I now use every single day, and the quality of my life is so much better..plus we had fun!”

- L.H.


"This was actually a really cool class.  I learned a lot about me, and I like my life a ton more.. I think I’ll do some of this stuff forever”

- D.S.


"This class has also given me the courage to explore my purpose and use my gifts to help others.”

- L.R.

Throughout the Year SweetSpirit offers a variety of classes. These are multi-week classes (generally six weeks, once a week) designed for people who want to get deeper into the material that a one-time workshop would allow, and for those who want to explore this work with other people who are interested in the same kinds of approaches. TOOLS FOR JOYFUL LIVING (LEVELS I AND II) This class of 6-12 people where we meet once a week to explore and experience practical “tools” that will enhance the joy and contentment in our every day living. Some of the tools explored include: • Seeing the Loving Essence • Heart Centered Listening • Reframing Difficult Issues as Gifts • The Power of Intention • Gratitude Held Spring and Fall - $150/person COOL TOOLS FOR AN AWESOME LIFE This class has the same intention as the class above but is targeted for middle and high school aged girls. Held after school, this class includes a bit of fun movement/dance, laughing yoga and exploration of some of the following tools: meditation, living from our hearts, heart centered listening, getting messages/intuition, affirmations and ideal scenes. Held in Spring and upon request of a community or school district. Fees negotiable. LEANING INTO YOUR GIFTS This class is designed for people who are aware of their own healing and spiritual gifts and would like to work, in a group setting, with others to explore them further. We work together to identify and release any blocks we have to this work and then explore a variety of healing modalities including Intuitive messaging, work with pendulums, aura reading and analysis, soul collage, tapping and others – dependent on the interests of the group. Held as there is interest. $150/person SOOTHING SAMPLERS Want to reduce stress, introduce some fun, provide some useful tools to people in your workplace, school or community group? I will work with you to develop a workshop anywhere from a half an hour to several hours letting people sample a variety of the tools I use including: Deep breathing to reduce stress, laughing yoga, improving health/reducing stress using essential oils, developing ‘Ideal Scenes’ address workplace culture, guided meditation, and others. Contact me for more information and scheduling. SINGLE CLASSES, RETREATS, ADDITIONAL CONTENT As there is interest and availability I offer a variety of single classes including self care, laughing yoga, parenting from the heart, play groups for grown ups and working with essential oils for our health and well being. I also design and facilitate weekend workshops and retreats, which are designed with the client to create the magical and uplifting experience you desire.. Contact me for more information and to inquire about scheduling.