At SweetSpirit I offer energy balancing sessions to help heal chronic pain and get you energetically and physically aligned.  I use a pendulum read and check for “stuck” places in your charkas, and then we can clear it through a variety of tools including (but not limited to):



An ancient system of hand and pattern work to help you get aligned and balanced. I am a Level II Reiki Practitioner.



An incredible method of using short taps on various meridian points in your body to address both physical and emotional issues.  It recalibrates your response to various physical and emotional triggers. You tap on your own body, guided by me, to relieve your issues.



I use an intuitive form of “over the body” and light touch work with my hands to change and realign the energy in your body.



I work extensively with Young Living Essential oils to help heal and enhance our work.

"I am so grateful for Betsy’s work.  Her energy balancing and guided meditations made the critical difference for me before, during, and after my surgeries. I was able to remain focused, calm, and mindful throughout the surgical experience and into the healing process."

- J.D.


“I had a chronic sinus and ear issue for months.  I had seen doctors and specialists and got little or no relief.  Betsy combined energy work, guidance and use of essential oils and it was gone within a matter of days”

- T.H.

All this work done on a massage table (fully clothed) and you are welcome to be awake, asleep, ask questions, be quiet – your choice. Also, there is almost always information that comes through during these sessions that will help you heal. It can be guidance from your guides or loved ones who have passed, or very specific tools (mediations, visualizations) that can help you with whatever is upsetting your peace. Typically, this is a session in which you are the “receiver.” Sessions last 45 -60 minutes. Cost $90 PREPARATION FOR SURGERY This is a very specific session in which we prepare your body and spirit for upcoming surgery. Ideally this is done 1-3 days before your surgery. A session includes energy balancing (above), addressing fears and worries, and typically an individualized tool for relaxation. You will leave with a meditation CD specifically designed to help you through surgery and recovery and two oils – one for relaxation and one to prevent any hospital borne infections. This is a lovely way to help yourself or a loved one get through a very difficult and often anxiety producing experience. Each session is 45 minutes – cost is $90 (includes the CD and oils).