At SweetSpirit I offer individual counseling/ healing sessions to help you with the issues that are getting in the way of you feeling happy and whole…and help you get “unstuck” without coming “unglued”.


In one-on-one work I spend time with you looking at the root of the issue –  not only  focused on today’s “who did what to who” or “the story” – but what feeling or hurt the current issue has triggered inside of you that needs attention and healing.


I have gathered a large toolbox of skills and approaches that can help address and heal issues as they come up.   A few examples of the tools include:



Combines traditional counseling with intuition to identify the core issues that are at the root of your current situation, and develop both short and long term strategies to help you heal it.



Every characteristic we have  (e.g. shy, stubborn, guarded) developed in us for a good reason.  Often, however, these traits outlive their usefulness and get in the way of our happiness. We can identify these, and help to transform them into a way of being that is useful for you at this point in your life.

"I was skeptical - very skeptical - that  a counseling session could lift me from my slump and sadness.  Your mix of down-to-earth pragmatism, candor and compassion made it possible to get to a place of such peace and hope - extraordinary - and lasting!  What a gift you have, what a gift you give!"

- P.M.


“When it comes to helping me heal, Betsy certainly has the WOW factor – a true gift!  She is the conduit for facilitating my discovery of all that is available to me in the Universe.”

- K.G


HEALING THE EARLY HURTS Often the things that trigger our upset the most are rooted in a situation or hurt that happened way earlier in our lives that we have carried with us and still influence our actions and reactions today. With guided journeying we can go back and heal the original hurt that continues to trigger us. ENERGY TOOLS Sometimes we just need to stop talking and shift the energy to get through the blocks – I use sound, tapping, vibration to help get unstuck (See Energy Balancing page for a more complete description of these tools) CHAKRA BALANCING I end each session with chakra balancing and energy work to integrate and ground all the good work you have done. Most importantly, we decide on the approach together – it all depends what will work for you at that moment. It could be different each time you come ~ but you are always the guru, I am the guide. Individual Sessions are $90 for approximately 75 minutes. Available by Phone/Skype/Facetime