I have been doing public speaking for over 30 years – the subjects have varied – from civil rights, economic justice and campaign finance reform to inspiration, finding your soul’s purpose, self-love and nurturing.   The audience ranges in size from an intimate few to thousands of people at graduations, rallies and protests, conferences and retreats.  But I always bring the same elements ~ enthusiasm, humor, hope, down to earth pragmatism and a call to action, whether that be to talk to your legislator or to find the three things that nurture and fill you up – and do them.


Always, the response is wonderful.  People are inspired, have fun during the talk, and walk away with some practical action steps – and just feeling better.


Topics change.  We can create the right topic for your audience.


“You need more speakers like Betsy.  She was amazing!  I learned so much from her and will share her “5 steps” with my office staff.”

- T.J.


“How did you know how badly I needed to hear Betsy Sweet?  Inspirational and Uplifting – THANK YOU!”

- L.M.


“I can’t believe you kept us laughing for over an hour.  Amazing.”

- C.W.


Current popular topics Include: • Staying in It for the Long Haul – 5 steps for social activists • If this is my Journey, I think I got off at the wrong exit! • Setting Your GPS to “Joy” • Human Resources Management ‘from the inside out’ Contact Me for availability and rates EMCEE SERVICES If you need a fun, lively, interesting EmCee for your next event, call me. I have done charity auctions, award cermemonies, annual meetings, and managed retreats. COMEDY In 2009 I wrote and performed my first one-woman comedy show. I have since written two more, and working on another one. They are all about real life experiences and seeing the humor in everyday things. The Shows: "How Sweet It Is, You can’t make this s&^%* up!” – a funny look at life as as a single mom. “North Haven – the August people” – a fun look at life on a small island in Maine “Sistéres” – a co-production with my sister on growing up. "The Menopause Café” - in the works for debut in the fall of 2014. TV AND RADIO I have been featured on a number of tv shows, numerous news shows, and radio shows including Bill Moyers, Health Options, and Capitol Connection