SweetSpirit Life Coaching sessions bring together the whole toolbox to offer clarity, guidance and support to help you move forward.   Sometimes that support is in the form of clarity ~ determining what exactly it is that you want.  At other times it is in the form of setting specific actions, goals and timelines for accomplishing things – an accountability partner.  Often, what emerges is blocks – mistaken beliefs and judgments, old patterns, old messages that keep you from knowing what you want and/or the belief that you can get there.  At that point the healing tool box comes out and we do the processes necessary to get through those blocks, once and for all,  and move along.  (See individual counseling and energy balancing work pages for more details on that work.)


I will work with you do develop your ideal scenes, help you develop short and long term intentions, and, through the use of loving support, affirmations and manifestation, work to help you to bring into being the life you want.

"I believe the right people come into your life when you need them most.  Not only has Betsy shared her healing and spiritual gifts with me but she has also given me the courage to explore my purpose and use my gifts to help others.  I am grateful and blessed she is in my life."

- L.R.


The intuitive part of my coaching is the foundation of all of this work. I will help you listen deeply to your own intuition and to recognize (sometimes, even remember) what makes your heart sing. And, we will design steps to move your life in the direction of always doing those things and recognize the “signs” that help guide you . We will enable your heart’s desire to take the lead, and ask the practical, unrelenting “mind” to join as a partner and stop blocking the journey! I believe that when we are on “our path,” it is not work, but a graceful unfolding of what our life is meant to be... Your good life can become great! Sessions $90 for 75 minutes Available by Phone/Skype/Facetime